Monday, January 19, 2015

Looking Back on a Simple December

Back in November, when I was being good about posting, I talked about having a simple December. Things did not go quite as planned.

Things started later than usual, and we didn't get a tree right away. On top of that, we went on a not-so-nice day, so there wasn't much carefree frolicking. Once again, our elf decorated, and the boys explored in the morning. Peanut was a huge fan of the photo ornaments, and Munchkin just acted wise in his "old age".

We did go to visit Santa, and the excitement when Peanut saw him was infectious. Munchkin, at that age, was not really a fan, and was a little upset in the picture. Peanut couldn't wait to get to him and was trying so hard to say Santa (even if it sounded more like Dada).

We did spend one night driving around looking at lights, although he didn't find as many decorated houses as in years past.

As for the rest of the list, it didn't really happen. Cookie baking and fondue got canceled due to a fever. I never got around to getting the gingerbread house, and Christmas Eve was just a night like any other. We did have fun trying to get pictures for our Christmas cards, which we sent out just in time.

Overall, while December wasn't exactly what I planned, it worked out perfectly. Christmas was a happy and not-too-crazy day that the boys loved, and the time leading up to it was exactly what we all needed.

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