Monday, November 24, 2014

Gifts Of Baby Showers Past

Munchkin and I recently attended a baby shower for his first teacher, from back when we were doing a mommy and me program when he was Peanut's age. It was a cute shower, and brought to mind last year when we celebrated my niece's coming arrival. While I loved all the items that I gave, it was probably not the most practical gift. My sister-in-law is a former reading teacher, and I got distracted and blew a lot of my budget on books (not that that was a bad idea).

Clothes - Having two boys, I don't often get to shop for girl clothing, so this was something that I found hard to resist. Especially the Sleeping Beauty tutu that I found at Target, as Aurora was always my favorite princess.

Toys - Sophie the Giraffe was such a huge hit with both my boys, that "they" gave this as a gift to their new cousin. The Bright Starts Flutter and Link Friend was so loved by Peanut, that the boys gave one to her as well. If I had to pick on toy for a new baby, this would probably be it.

Aiden and Anais - It is not a big secret among my friends and family that I am a big fan of Aiden and Anais. I wish that I had found them before Munchkin was born, but something that I found so very useful with Peanut. I was thrilled to see the swaddle blankets, dream blanket and sleepsack on the registry.

Avent - She had asked for Soothies and Avent Natural Bottles. Munchkin and Peanut both loved Avent Sippy Cups, so we gave one of them too.

Books - In addition to staples such as Goodnight Moon and Five Little Monkeys, I had found a new twist on the classics Sense & Sensibility, Romeo & Juliet and Alice in Wonderland. Indestructibles have been a favorite of the boys, and Yummy is a book that Munchkin has come back to over and over again.

If I could go back in time, I would probably do things a little differently, but I do not regret giving any of these gifts. What gifts have you given for baby showers?

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