Friday, October 31, 2014

An Autumn Update

I've been quiet on the posting, but things have been pretty busy around here. We've been working on our fall bucket list, and while there are definitely things that we missed (I'm looking at you, decorating pumpkins), we've made some great progress.

I've already talked about picking our pumpkins, which also allowed the boys to play on the tractor. We attended a local costume parade, and the plethora of fall birthdays in Munchkin's class means that there is no shortage of costume parties.

Boo at the Zoo is happily becoming an annual tradition for us, and it allowed the boys to spend time in a hey maze, and Peanut to feed some animals (with an assist from Munchkin, who has decided that he doesn't like the animals tickling his hands).

And finally, Peter Pan and Captain Hook took some time out from trick or treating tonight to play in a very large pile of leaves.

I am really enjoying this season.

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