Wednesday, May 14, 2014


About six months ago, I saw these posts popping up in my Feedly. While I haven't noticed them as much recently, I think that it is a very interesting idea. I'm borrowing this list from my friend Kristin.

Making: Lists. Lots of lists. To-do lists. Shopping lists.
Cooking: Very little. We are in desperate need of a grocery trip.
Drinking: Trying very hard to drink more water.
Reading: The Execution of Noa P. Singleton by Elizabeth Silver. It's pretty cool to be reading this, as I used to live with Liz years ago, which seems like another life.
Wanting: A new laptop/netbook. I really want to be able to move around while working, and my current Chromebook is dying (and considering that it was just a prototype, I'm impressed it lasted as long as it did). Not sure if I would do better with a full laptop or if another Chromebook/netbook would be enough, but either way, I'm not looking forward to being stuck at my desktop in the near future.
Looking: At a mess that I just don't want to clean.
Playing: In the playground, now that it's not so bitter cold and before it gets oppressively hot.
Sewing: Nothing right now. Nothing for the past twenty or so years. Not sure if I will be any time in the near future either.
Wishing: For time to stand still.
Enjoying: Lots of cuddles and kisses(!) from Peanut.
Waiting: For Peanut's baby babble to start changing to English.
Liking: Munchkin's occasional joy at helping out with cleaning up and laundry.
Wondering: What life, or even just the summer, holds for us.
Loving: Watching the boys play together and how much they love it.
Hoping: That Peanut starts sleeping a little longer at night, meaning that I can sleep a little longer at night.
Marveling: At the pure joy of blowing dandelions, something that I haven't done in years and Munchkin is just doing for the first time.
Needing: To get organized. We have some big changes coming up soon (including a move), and we are nowhere near ready yet.
Smelling: Spring. Fresh-cut grass, newly bloomed flowers. All the pollen in the world...
Wearing: Jeans and a t-shirt, while carrying a light sweatshirt. I love this kind of weather.
Following: Two little boys as they explore everything around them.
Noticing: That even though he's still basically bald, Peanut's hair is starting to come in. Very blond.
Knowing: That there is much to do, but time with the boys is fleeting.
Thinking: That I should head off to bed, but there is so much to do.
Feeling: So very blessed for everything that we have.
Bookmarking: Crafts to do with the boys that I'll probably never end up doing.
Opening: Random boxes and bins, trying to organize.
Giggling: Just because.

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