Saturday, January 11, 2014

Moving Past Buckets

A few years ago, I wrote a bucket list. I thought long and hard about my list, struggling to get to 100 items and then rarely looked at it again. Then a few months ago, a friend posted about her experience in creating a life list. I like that much better, a list of life goals which focuses more on living than on the end. Karen from Chookooloonks I believe said it best:
Your life list isn't a "must do before I die" list, it's a list to help remind you as you're going through life, when opportunity comes knocking (and really, it's surprising how often it will come knocking), you should go ahead and give it a go. It's a list to look at when you find yourself somewhat bored, or needing a little jolt, so you can pick something to try to do. It's a list that, when you're old, you'll look at it and think, "Wow. Look at all the cool things I attempted in my life";
So I'm updating my bucket list with a life list, and one that I plan to grow.

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