Monday, August 16, 2010

What needs to be done

I've not been very good about updating here. I'm still trying to figure out what I need from this blog. There are so many changes in our lives that I want and need to make, and I'm going to track those changes here. I'm also hoping to use it as a mental release when things start to be too much.

One thing I need to change is the way that we eat. I want to cut out processed food and cut back on prepared meals, breastfeeding a baby with a milk and soy allergy is making that a necessity. Unfortunately, we have been pretty lazy lately and have been going out to eat a lot. Not only is that really difficult with the allergy (more than once I've been assured that a meal was safe, only to find out later that it did in fact have milk in it), it has not been easy on our wallet. We cannot afford to go out to eat every night, so I really need to start doing some meal planning. I can make excuses from here to next Tuesday on why I can't cook, but the simple fact is that I have to. It is really the only way to get the nutrition that I need and know that it was prepared safely. I also want to try to move our food to more organic options, although that will probably be a very slow process.

I really want to simplify our lives. The constant clutter stresses both myself and my husband. I need to figure out exactly what it is that we need and get rid of everything else.

I also need some time to myself to decompress. I really haven't gotten a lot of alone time, mostly because I'm exclusively breastfeeding. I really need to work on making myself a priority. I'm feeling stressed, and that isn't good for anybody. I really want to try to get regular times out with friends as well as some time by myself for exercise, reading, or even just getting fresh air.

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