New Year, New Me?


I know, I’ve been missing for months. And while I’ve been busy, it hasn’t been super exciting. I do have some updates to post, and I will get to them soon. The biggest news being that I started a new business back in August, which is what has really kept me busy, but it doesn’t …

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A Pinterest Baby Shower Gift


I recently went to my cousin’s baby shower, and went did something with the gift that I haven’t done before. I actually made things, a Pinterest baby shower gift. Both of my boys still fondly use the blankets that family members made for them, and one night while perusing Pinterest, I came across a baby blanket …

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Into The Summer


Memorial Day  was weeks ago and school just finished. As much as I hate to admit that time is flying by, summer is here. Unlike years past, we are going to have a “lazy” summer since Munchkin is not going to camp. So I’m going to embrace the summer, the weather, and time that I’ll have …

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A Shorter Change


I’ve mentioned it before, but I have been in a rut for a while now. So with the warmer weather finally here, I took a chance and cut off about six inches. This is me post-haircut last fall, when I still kept it long (and even then I had cut off a couple of inches), …

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A Long Easter Day

Easter Sunrise

I started off Easter morning by attending a sunrise service by the water. It was gorgeous, although a little cold. It was also a little on the early side for the boys, so they all stayed home sleeping. After checking out the loot that the Easter Bunny brought (bubbles, crayons, coloring books, stickers and jelly beans), …

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Into The Spring

Family Spring List

It seemed as though winter would never end, but we finally seem to be moving into warmer weather now. And with the warmer weather comes a new list of things to do. Spring cleaning – We’ve already started a little on this one, but I want to do a big push over the next few …

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Getting Back Into The Swing


It seems like I have been missing for a while, and it recently occurred to me that my posting was linked to my Chromebook. Photo editing I would quickly do on the desktop, and then head to the couch to do anything internet related (which was just about everything else). Then it died and I was forced to …

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